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  It is with great pleasure and hopefully a lot of ambition that I take over as GFWC/Iowa President. Betty has done a wonderful job! I've already decided that I need to keep my car's gas tank full, get out those running shoes (currently unused except for chasing an occasional dog), and take a lot of notes.  I appreciate each of you for taking a chance on GFWC membership and or leadership. Together, we are going to have a tremendous two years.

     I am hoping that you or a representative from your club can still come to the workshop on Saturday.  We have so much food, information, and "doing"    activities. If you would like to come, please call headquarters ASAP, and I will get you added.  Please see the additional comments below, from my Blue Book President's letter.....

      Our GFWC/Iowa theme this year will be “Bridging the Gaps.”  I am hoping to strengthen communication, particularly between our local clubs and our state and district leadership.  We are all volunteers.  We are all working to satisfy the same needs.  I believe that we have a symbiotic relationship, that we are better together!

     Ladies, I am so proud of what we have accomplished in the area of community service.  As individuals, we do well; as a club, more impressive.  If you look at what we have accomplished as a state and nation, working together toward common goals, it is truly magnificent!  Our most successful projects have been when we help meet needs or bridge gaps within our local communities.

     I am so grateful for your membership and/or leadership within GFWC/Iowa.  I appreciate your energy and ambition.   I am grateful for the hours you have contributed to helping make our small part of the world a better place in which to live.

     Our organization has helped to accomplish so many things.  We are credited with starting more than 75% of the    libraries across the country.  We were the driving force behind passage of child labor laws, the pure food and drug act, formation of the United Nations, legislation on equal rights, seat belt laws, and the violence against women act.  These are just some of our accomplishments.  With that said, I have come to realize that we are a “well-kept secret.”  I was surprised when, after my recent installation speech, I learned that my very own family members had no idea of what GFWC was, nor what had been accomplished by our organization.  Needless to say, they were very impressed!  I thought I had been tooting my horn; perhaps we need to toot louder or maybe more frequently?

     Yes, our past is impressive, but so will be our future!  I’m hoping that we can dream bigger, work smarter, and reach higher.  I’m looking forward to working with each of you!  With your help and the help of strong leadership on all     levels, we’ve got this!

Eileen M. Hageman   

GFWC/Iowa President 2018-2020



Show your pride in GFWC membership and awareness of domestic violence with a plated purple ribbon pin and GFWC emblem (black rubber backing). Dimensions: 2”L x 1 1/4”W

*Profits from the sale of this item benefits the GFWC President's Special Project: Domestic Violence Awareness.
$10.00 plus postage

This item is for sale on the GFWC web site Project Pin


As published in the 2016-2018 GFWC/Iowa Yearbook

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