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1.  Basic Bags

          Please be saving any hotel sized soap, conditioner, shampoo, trial size tooth paste, deodorant, extra washcloths, combs, ribbon, quart size plastic bags, and tooth brushes for this project. 

          We hope to distribute 1000 "Basic Bags" to different organizations or agencies that could benefit.  The washcloth is folded and sewn along the side and bottom, catching a ribbon tie in the seam. Turn right side out, and you have a washcloth mitt or a bag to hold basic grooming items.   These can be distributed to homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, in your area. 


2.  Retrieving Freedom

          This is an agency with a location near Waverly.  The organizations trains service dogs for people with diabetes, autism, and Veterans with PTSD.  We will do a fundraiser to raise money to purchase training vests for the dogs.


3.  Hope Lodge

          We will secure needed supplies for Hope Lodge in Iowa City.  Hope Lodge provides no-cost housing for cancer patients, spouses, etc. while the patient is undergoing cancer related treatment.  We will be accepting donations for household items, such as paper towels, cleaning products, etc. during an upcoming convention!



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