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Welcome Money

What is the GFWC/Iowa $100 Club?
The purpose of the $100 club is to provide an opportunity for GFWC/Iowa Clubs and individual club members to contribute directly to the operating expenses of GFWC/Iowa. 
Membership in the GFWC/Iowa $100 club is available to all GFWC/Iowa clubs and individual members.
Clubs and Individuals will be recognized on the website and in GFWC/Iowa newsletters, and certificates of appreciation are awarded.

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Certificate of congratulations

Clubs and Club Members Honored at the 2017 State Convention

Adel Woman's Club
Peg Anderson, SW District Director 
Baldwin Woman's Club 
Dargy Baxter, GFWC/Iowa State Secretary
Carma Bisinger, GFWC/Iowa State Treasurer
Carolyn Blaue, Past President's Club Member
Federated Women's Club, Burt
Twentieth Century Club, Carson 
Cedar Falls Woman's Club 
5 Seasons Women's Assn., Cedar Rapids 
Delhi Woman's Club
Doon General Federated Women's Club 
Dyersville Federated Woman's Club
Betty Emrich, GFWC/Iowa Tipton Tri Sigmas Club Member
Marlene Eernisse, GFWC/Iowa SE District Scholarship Chairman 
Exira Study Club 
Women's Club, Granger
Eileen Hageman, GFWC/Iowa SE District Director
Sue Hass, GFWC/Iowa State Parliamentary Advisor
Marcia Heronimus, GFWC/Iowa Photography Chairman
Donna Hoffman, GFWC/Iowa International Outreach Chairman
Karen Kielsmeier, GFWC/Iowa MAL Club Treasurer 
Gayle Lehmkuhl, GFWC/Iowa Arts Chairman 
Mary Magill, GFWC/Iowa SE District Director
Karen Martinek, GFWC/Iowa Legislation & Public Policy Chairman
Doris Mauer, GFWC/Iowa Cedar Falls Woman's Club Member 
Members at Large 
Dee Nelson, GFWC/Iowa NW District Director
NW District 
Past President's Club 
Sandy Phillips, GFWC/Iowa Fundraising Chairman 
Solon Women's Club 
SE District 
Nancy Tabor, GFWC/Iowa Membership Chairman
Ellen Thon, GFWC/Iowa Conservation Chairman
Tri Sigmas Club, Tipton
Toledo Woman's Club
Betty Wade, GFWC/Iowa State President
Loretta Walker, GFWC/Iowa Members At Large Member
R.A.R.E. Club, Walker
Joy Young, GFWC/Iowa Carson Twentieth Century Club Member

Charter Members of the $100 Club - Gave every year since inception of program

Carma Bisinger, GFWC/Iowa State Treasurer
GFWC/Iowa Dyersville Federated Woman's Club
GFWC/Iowa Exira Study Club
Marcia Heronimus, GFWC/Iowa Photography Chairman
Mary Magill, GFWC/Iowa Finance Chairman
GFWC/Iowa Solon Women's Club
GFWC/Iowa Tri Sigmas Club, Tipton
GFWC/Iowa R.A.R.E. Club, Walker
Joy Young, GFWC/Iowa Carson Twentieth Century Club Member

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Important Note:
The GFWC/Iowa $100 Club money is deposited directly to the operating account to cover expenses and does not replace the  GFWC/Iowa Endowment Fund.  Clubs and club members can continue to contribute any monetary amount to the Endowment Fund.  Endowment contributions are added to the Endowment Fund, become permanently restricted from use, and only the interest is available for operating expenses.

To Become a member of the GFWC/Iowa $100 Club, send your check made payable to GFWC/Iowa for $100 to:
GFWC/Iowa State Headquarters
3839 Merle Hay Road, Suite 201
Des Moines, IA 50310-1321
In the "Note" section on your check write "$100 Club"
Remember, the $100 contribution can come from any GFWC/Iowa Club, District or from any GFWC/Iowa individual club member.

Thank you!

GFWC/Iowa Federation of Women's Clubs 2008-2010

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