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Leadership Chairman
Sandra Phillips
3012 Tiperary Dr. NE, Cedar Rapids  52402

"Keep the practice of praising your members fresh, rewarding and meaningful."

2017 Award Presented at 2018 State Convention
First Place

GFWC/Iowa Solon Woman's Club, SE District 

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Leadership Role Playing: Make a copy of the following roles and secretly give each role to a different club member. Feel free to modify for your particular club.

Your role during the Meeting: At least twice during the meeting praise someone (for offering an idea, for being well-spoken, etc.)

Your role during the meeting: Use only positive verbs. Avoid such words as can.t and won.t. Instead, phrase things positively (can, will, etc.)

Your role during the meeting: Be an enthusiastic cheerleader. Find opportunites to make emphatic statements such as .We can do that!. or .That would be great!.

Your role during the meeting: Bring an unexpected treat-cookies, chocolates, fresh fruit, specialty drinks, or the like.

Your role for the meeting: Before the meeting, without being seen, clean and tidy the room. Put some flowers in a central location in the meeting room. *

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