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Leadership Chairman - Eileen Hageman
1603 Twin Valley Dr. NE, Solon  52333

"Keep the practice of praising your members fresh, rewarding and meaningful."

2016 Awards Presented at 2017 State Convention
First Place

GFWC/Iowa Toledo Woman's Club, SE District

President's Creativity Award

 GFWC/Iowa Toledo Woman's Club, SE District


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Leadership Role Playing: Make a copy of the following roles and secretly give each role to a different club member. Feel free to modify for your particular club.

Your role during the Meeting: At least twice during the meeting praise someone (for offering an idea, for being well-spoken, etc.)

Your role during the meeting: Use only positive verbs. Avoid such words as can.t and won.t. Instead, phrase things positively (can, will, etc.)

Your role during the meeting: Be an enthusiastic cheerleader. Find opportunites to make emphatic statements such as .We can do that!. or .That would be great!.

Your role during the meeting: Bring an unexpected treat-cookies, chocolates, fresh fruit, specialty drinks, or the like.

Your role for the meeting: Before the meeting, without being seen, clean and tidy the room. Put some flowers in a central location in the meeting room. *

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