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Exciting News About GFWC/Iowa Archives!!

GFWC/Iowa has established an online records page wtih the Women's History and Resource Center located in GFWC headquarters in Washington D.C.  This records page also includes the link to the GFWC/Iowa records in the University of Iowa Archives.  GFWC/Iowa is the first state to have recorded and cataloged archives linked to a records page of the Women's History and Resource Center.  Please take time to visit this WHRC records page that represents the history of GFWC/Iowa Clubs.

Members may also search for other items related to GFWC Iowa.  There are many ways you search the WHRC catalog for information.  For instance, if you search for "Iowa" in the Archives collection you will find a record for an Iowa club member oral history and details about past GFWC Conventions held in Iowa.  A search for "Iowa Club History" in the library collection reveals 94 Iowa club histories.  Enjoy!

Thanks to all that worked on this page at the GFWC headquarters, GFWC/Iowa Headquarters, our web designer and the GFWC/Iowa officers.


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2017 Award Presented at 2018 State Convention
First Place
GFWC/Iowa Lake City Monday Club, NW District

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Objective: Collect, preserve, interpret, and promote the history of GFWC and women volunteers.
Preserve our heritage: Establish club archives
Share our heritage: Write club histories
Voice our heritage: Gather oral history
Discover foundation of our hertiage: Historic Preservation
Celebrating our heritage: Promoting the past

GFWC News: The Women's History and Resource Center has received a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities. 
WHRC Celebrated its 25th Anniversary in 2009

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