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The GFWC/Iowa Endowment Fund was established to supplenent the needs of the GFWC/Iowa Headquarters' office, enhance services to GFWC/Iowa Women's Club and to keep GFWC/Iowa Women's Clubs active and growing.
Interest from investments of the Endowment Fund will be added to the GFWC/Iowa General Operating Fund.
Principle of the GFWC/Iowa Endowment Fund can not be used unless approved by the GFWC/Iowa Board of Directors.
Support the Endowment fund. When considering your club's annual budget, please include a contribution to the Endowment Fund.  Use the Donation Cards in Celebration of a GFWC/Iowa member's achievement,  or in memory of a GFWC/Iowa member or her family member.
You don't need an Endowment Card to make donations to the Fund.  Simply make your check payable to the GFWC/Iowa Endowment Fund and mail to the
GFWC/Iowa Headquarters
3839 Merle Hay Road, Suite 201
Des Moines, IA 50310

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